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Hire Saturday Return Monday 1 Day Charge

The weekend hire is for Saturday usage


  • Equipment can be collected from 3:30pm on Friday (subject to equipment availability)
  • Equipment must be returned by 8am on Monday morning
  • Charge rate is equal to the 1 day hire
Equipment hired outside the defined hire period will be charged at standard hire rates.
Hire start time before 3.30pm Friday and return Monday 8am - charge rate 2 days.
Hire start time 8am Saturday and return Monday after 8am - charge rate 2 days.
  • Hour Restriction may be applicable on Metered Machines
  • Equipment failure outside of business operating hours is not subject for discounts, full day rate will still apply
  • Customer to call Samford Hire (07) 3289 1027 Before 8am for equipment to be collected from Weekend hire
  • Customer to call Samford Hire (07) 3289 1027 for after hour emergency number for equipment emergency (Earthmoving Machine Roll Over)
  • call out fee may apply at a hourly rate of $80.00
  • Standard hire terms conditions still apply

Download Weekend Hire Terms & Conditions (PDF)


(Please read carefully)

  1. Hire charges are based on time out, not time used. Equipment will be regarded as on hire until returned to the depot or until Samford Hire is advised the equipment is available for collection.
  2. All equipment lost, damaged or stolen to be paid for by the hirer at replacement cost. (The equipment is not insured after it leaves the depot).
  3. All equipment is fuelled and lubricated on delivery, subsequent fuelling and lubrication to be carried out by the hirer.
  4. A cleaning charge will be made on equipment not returned in clean condition.
  5. Trestles, Planks, and Ladders are to be dismantled and left ina position easily accessible to the collecting vehicle.
  6. Half day hire constitutes a four hour period. Full day hire constitutes a 24 hour period. Late returns will be charged for each extra hour at one fifth of the daily rate.
  7. Any extension on hire time must be confirmed and paid for with Samford Hire Service.
  8. No warranty is given by Samford Hire and no liability accepted for any claim whatsoever in respect to equipment.
  9. Should any fault occur in the equipment, Samford Hire will provide replacement equipment or carry out repairs on faulty equipment as soon as possible
  10. Hirer agrees to grant access to Samford Hire or its agents to their equipment for examination, repair, or in the case of hirer default determined by Samford Hire Service or its agent, removal from the site.
  11. Hirer agrees any equipment overdue is to be regarded as stolen until it is returned or available for collection by Samford Hire Service, and will be paid for within 7 days of the date due.
  12. The hirer is the person signing of the equipment unless a written company order is supplied to Samford Hire Service.
  13. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts.